Actor Alexander Pashkov was sceptial feet and

Actor Alexander Pashkov once admitted that for a long time he had to hide the fact of another marriage. Didn’t know about it neither his friends nor colleagues. Pashkov first married, just after his 18th birthday. Her name was Angelica, in this marriage the actor had three children — two daughters and a son. Alexander has repeatedly said that he is monogamous, and the first spouse is the only and desirable woman, but 18-year marriage to the actor ended in a scandalous divorce.

Pashkov was born in Yekaterinburg. He was predicted a career of MIA, since almost all of his relatives, including parents and older brother, has devoted his life to law enforcement. But even before the school mother, Alexander sent him to kindergarten with a theatrical slant, where I learned the basics of choreography. Soon he achieved great success, and in the third grade talented the boy was enrolled in the ballet Studio of the Theatre of musical Comedy.

Pashkov Family was not rich, because he always was trying to make. “Car wash, was selling Newspapers that did not come up”, — told the artist Boris Korchevnikov. According to him, the building was a printing house in which the boys had bought the newspaper, and then resold them in the tram.

At the end of the theatre school Alexander along with classmates went to Moscow, but his attempt to enter the GITIS failed. Pashkov returned to his native city where he studied at the Yekaterinburg state theater Institute. Future artist worked in local theater, worked at the Sverdlovsk film Studio, but in 90-e years there was a crisis, because Alexander had to “bomb” at night to earn diapers daughter.

With his first wife Angelica he met in College. After two months of courtship, the lovers played a modest wedding, their relationship developed rapidly.

Pashkov Then again decided to try his luck in Moscow, where he subsequently moved his wife and child. The capital conquer a challenge. Alexander washed nthe OIG into the blood, working as a courier, rented a small apartment, while managing to go to the auditions. One day he came to the Studio and mixed rooms, once on the sample in a serial “Undine-2. On the crest of a wave”. Pashkov was approved for the main role, from that moment, the artist began an artistic Renaissance. It is the “Undine 2” is brought to Alexander’s first widely known, after which the actor has no lack of offers to act in films. Now with him regularly over the shoulders of more than a hundred roles.

In 2013, the Alexander with the scandal divorced with Angelica. Soon he began a relationship with a young actress Karina Romaniuk, who works with him and his ex-wife in the Theater actor. The new bride was thirteen years younger than 40-year-old Pashkov and communicates with two of his three children from his first marriage. In Alliance with Romaniuk artist the baby was born.

How to earn during the school years the artist and what was the first salary he received? What was the reason for the divorce from his first wife? What kind of relationship eventually developed between Angelica and Karina? This and many other questions in the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov”.