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Butyrskaya court of Moscow will consider case about large swindle with the real estate capital, the defendant was the actor Vladimir Singaevsky. He is remembered for a cameo role in “the Pokrovskie gate” and “the Three Musketeers”, and was a master criminal episode. The investigation considers the artist a head of a criminal gang, which account for multimillion-dollar fraud with apartments of Muscovites dead.

the Man lying on the floor, — Vladimir Singaevsky, head of a gang of “black” realtors”, which account for a multimillion-dollar swindle with the Moscow apartments. In each room — passports, powers of attorney, military ID. The scammers even tried to drown the documents in the cement mortar did not work.

thus began the largest fraud gang Saraevskogo: died single pensioner, and then showed up an unknown heir with a will. The roles were clearly divided: one was producing forged documents, the other provided personal data, the third spoke to the staff of government agencies and notaries, and the fourth was claimed to be the heir.

the 14-storey building on the street Milashenkova. Relatively new, he’s only six years old. Very close to metro station, and it only increases the cost of apartments. So the crooks, knowing that here died one of the tenants, he hoped, of course, for a good catch. Found that the heirs of the deceased there, and according to the fulfilled scheme amounted to a forged will.

“the will was granted to the notary. As a result, the partner has acquired a right to the inheritance, which served as the basis for registration of ownership”, — said Lyudmila Nefedova, head of the press service of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office.

Stolen property immediately sold. Andrey Nikolaev — one of the buyers. The apartment is found on the website. “Inheritance checked, will do, notary certified. Companies house deal missed, given a statement. All okay. And then after a very long time the policeman calls me and says, “here’s the situation,” recalls Andrew.

That has scams apartment at a different address, and then other people live. And another — it is empty, but somebody had already bought.

by using fake documents, the gang members were copied on and the Bank accounts of the deceased. After another Scam is the real heir, finding missing money, went to the police.

the Recidivist Singaevskiy twice sat. And once was an aspiring actor. It Singaevskiy in the role of a weightlifter in the movie “Iron game”. And there were episodes in “the Three Musketeers” and “the Pokrovskie gate” — that’s, at the concert of kupletistom Velour shows that art is not interesting to him.

For the “main role” Saraevskogo now with concern the new owners of the stolen apartments. “I was really nervous about this, because now they will say: “Sorry, the money you no give, they are all in jail, they threw all”. What to do then?” — said Andrey Nikolaev.

the Trial of the gang Saraevskogo will begin in the coming days.