Actor Zac Efron had contracted a deadly disease in New Guinea

the Famous American actor Zac Efron had contracted a fatal illness during the filming of his new show in Papua New Guinea, reports TASS.

In early December, the 32-year-old actor had contracted one of the forms of typhoid fever, which in the absence of proper care quickly leads to death. Efron on the plane were taken from the jungle to the hospital Australia Brisbane, where he underwent treatment. From Australia a few weeks later he flew to the United States deadly “form of typhoid or a similar bacterial infection.” He was taken to hospital in the Australian city of Brisbane, where he underwent treatment. From there, Zach flew home to the United States, and, according to him, Christmas was celebrated at home with family and friends. The actor reassured fans that it is in order, and wished the best of luck in 2020.

Popular Zac Efron became involved in the movie High School Musical (2006). He also starred in the films Charlie St. Cloud (2010), The Lucky One (2012), That Awkward Moment (2014).