Actress Elena Yakovleva about the accident on the Garden: Look for the person who was in the car with Ephraim

people’s artist of Russia Elena Yakovleva, which worked with Mikhail Efremov, the TV channel “Russia 1” has shared his opinion about the resonance of the tragedy with the actor.
“what happened was horrible,” said Elena Yakovleva, expressing sympathy and condolences to the injured party.

However, the actress believes that to shed light on this history can the passenger, who according to witnesses was in the car of Ephraim, and later fled the scene.
“Look for the person who jumped out of the car and ran away. The one who was sitting next to it is the ugly people. First, a coward: he allowed Michael to drive in a drunken state. Secondly, he went. When they find him, he will tell you,” she said.
meanwhile, the actress said that personally she had never seen his colleague drunk. “Bad on the Mike can’t say anything. He is a great actor and partner. On the set with him was always wonderful. I swear that throughout the work, and it is sometimes 12 hours a day, I never saw him in a drunken state. Sometimes it can be smelled, but nothing was wrong,” assured Elena.
the actress believes that Mikhail Efremov certainly should be punished.
“to Back him up, no one will. Everyone will just sympathize and worry, she said. Very sorry that happened. It is unclear what to do now. I don’t know which artists can imagine what they suffered something like that.”
on the Evening of 8 June 29020 year on the Garden ring near Smolenskaya square Efremov while driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, left on a strip of oncoming traffic and on full speed collided with a Lada car carrying seafood. The driver of the domestic car received severe injuries from which he died in the hospital. Examination and ample evidence showed that the actor was in a condition of strong alCogolin intoxication. Against the actor opened a criminal case. He faces a prison term of up to 12 years.