Admission campaign and student support: Falkov — on education in conditions of quarantine

the Students of Russian universities will be able to get back in the classroom as soon as the regional authorities will abolish the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic. While universities and scientific organizations will continue to work in remote mode. As stated in the order Department, admission this year will also be held in an online format. The only exception will be the universities. About admission campaign in quarantine conditions, in an exclusive interview to TV channel “Russia 1” said the head of the Ministry of education Valery Falkov.

— Valery Nikolaevich, good afternoon. This year will be the admission campaign in the universities? The selection Committee will begin work on June 20, the first exam — June 29… Explain.

— this year, despite the fact that we have serious progress on the exam, we decided not to move the date and give the opportunity for applicants to submit applications starting on June 20. Many have already decided and nothing prevents to do it before exam.

— How it will look like technically?

— Mnogih leading universities to develop appropriate information services that allow using your personal account in compliance with all requirements of the law on personal data apply, and further to present information about the certificate. For those who have no Internet, we will provide the option to mail to send documents.

— How this year will be held for admission to universities, which provides full-time tours? Talking about creative universities. We have already talked with the Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova, explain to you.

— We understand that all of the online transfer is impossible. It is difficult to imagine how to evaluate the acting skills of future stars. Because in universities entrance exams will be held in person. If this is impossible, the universities are ready to wait for improvement.

We are all aware that the pandemic has reduced tomoves, and not all parents will be able to pay or continue to pay the tuition. Not all students will be able to find a job. What measures of support are there for them? That worked out?

— Perhaps the most important support measure, which we agreed with the universities, it was a decision not to index the cost of education, i.e. to keep its price at the level of 2019. The second solution is increasing the number of budget places. Also, there was a possibility of financing with state participation. The percentage of the other and the duration of loan repayment is increased to its maximum.

— How do you feel universities are being tested?

— The usual model of learning that knew not only we, but our parents and grandparents, but which developed a few centuries ago and has become a classic, traditional, all over the world suddenly changed. No alternative we have to start teaching using distance technologies. Now the universities are seriously thinking about what you can take from the experience of the last three months in the future and how to live with it.

— Thank you very much for the interview, Valery.