Admission campaign in the universities music: features receipt

In Russian universities start admission campaign. This year the package of documents is sent without the results of the exam. Scores after the exams will appear in the system automatically. The universities accept applications remotely – in the format of video presentation. Until July 15, they should decide on the form of a competition.

a century “Bechstein” sounds in the principal’s office. Vladimir Demidov sits down at the piano, driving the unusual musical school silence — the foster campaign began, but the corridors were empty. This year papers accepted remotely.

“we Have already processed 31 statement and more than 100 consultations, — said Vladimir Demidov, Director of the Academic music College at the Moscow state Conservatory named after P. I. Tchaikovsky. — Submitted questionnaires are stored in the database”.

the names of the graduates of the “Merzlyakovka” is known throughout the musical world. To get here is a dream of many. Foreign students this year, most likely, never will, but expect almost 80 Russian regions. Profiles come with a video presentation. The competition is big. Every year the school accepts no more than 150 people. For example, the vocals will get only one of the twenty.

Boris Chmil graduate “of Merzlyakovka” — preparing for entrance exams to the Conservatory. He hails from Belarus; when the pandemic decided to stay in Russia not to miss the creative competition. The form in which it should be done — in person or remotely — creative University needs to decide before July 15, and post information on the website.

“my dream was to enter the Moscow Conservatory, — says Boris Chmel. — Entrance exams we were allowed to conduct face-to-face, it’s written on the website of the admission Commission. And can submit documents online via the Internet.”

to Examine their future students with face to face creative University can abouthowever, have to comply with all recommendations of the CPS.

At the Moscow Conservatory decided that face-to-face exam to be pianists, vocalists, conductors online not appreciate. For the masters the important details — from the hand movements to work the diaphragm.

the Examination Commission will be on the balcony or in the pit — at a safe distance. All entrants, one will cause to the scene, after each musical number, all instruments will be processed and only then invite the next candidate.

the Musicians will have to play with gloves on, and future actors in masks. Students will be divided into groups, marked. In the Conservatory and does cause each at the appointed hour. Creative testing promise to begin in July.

“We are all ready… In September, if you will allow the epidemiological situation, and we are looking forward to it, and you can start to work in the usual form. But the fact that acquired online, will remain as a remembrance and a good base for further education”, — said the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova.

to Do the right thing — this year the number one task. And while the students rehearse the creative in all rooms, universities, who decided on a full-time testing, are preparing to ensure their safety.