Advisor to Khamenei has called Donald trump an

Adviser to Khamenei Ali Akbar Velayati stated that Iran is ready to help Syria in the withdrawal of American troops staying illegally on its territory – in the case that Damascus will so request.

the States are stealing Syrian oil, I’m sure Velayati. He also called Donald trump an “international thief” who robs the Syrians. The politician expressed the hope that “illegal control” of the US over the Syrian regions will soon cease and he will put the Syrians.

against the background of Turkish military operations trump brought from Syria most of the American troops, reminds RIA Novosti. In the South and East of the country remains a small number of American soldiers. The Pentagon says that they need to assist Kurdish troops guarding the oil fields. According to the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, Americans selling captured Syrian oil in Turkey.