As a result of rising energy prices, the AfD expects more support for its call for an end to sanctions against Russia in the fall. Your party and parliamentary group leader Tino Chrupalla said on Sunday in the ARD summer interview, in November and December, when citizens and companies received their heating bills, “then we’ll see how the approval of these sanctions is still”.

Since June, the Russian energy company Gazprom has significantly reduced gas deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in the Baltic Sea, citing a missing turbine that was being serviced in Canada. Because of the sanctions imposed as a result of the Ukraine war, Canada initially refused to return the turbine to Russia – but then decided to hand the unit over to Germany instead.

Since last Monday, Nord Stream 1 has stopped supplying gas due to maintenance work. The work is scheduled to last until July 21. Several Western politicians have expressed skepticism as to whether Russia will subsequently supply gas again. The federal government is trying to become more independent of Russian energy imports.

When asked how Russian President Vladimir Putin should be persuaded to negotiate with the Ukrainian head of state Volodymyr Zelenskyy, for example about a ceasefire, the AfD boss replied: “The Americans also refuse to sit down with the Russians at the table to set, and that’s where they belong. It is not only Zelenskyy’s task to deal with Russia, but also the Americans, who play an important role in this conflict there. Germany should act as a “neutral mediator”.

The federal government has repeatedly pointed out that Ukraine is a sovereign state that must itself decide on an agreement with Russia. There should be no Russian “dictated peace”.

In addition to the moderator’s questions, Chrupalla also answered public questions on ARD. For example, when asked “Who should win the war, Ukraine or Russia?” he answered “None.”