African swine fever discovered in the Kuban

In the Seversky district found the virus of African swine fever. In the Krasnodar veterinary laboratory conducted studies of two carcasses of wild boars, hunted and butchered on-site top-Afipsky hunting. Carried out departure to the place of storage of products of slaughter of wild boar hunting cutting point of the base “peace”. Part of ink is eliminated in the presence of Methoprene Seversky district.

Prepared by the administration head of Krasnodar region on the introduction of quarantine with a list of restrictive measures. Staff Maturalne Seversky district held the first disinfection and deratization three infected objects. The scene of the shooting and butchering of wild boars selected on the perimeter of the signal band. Initiated and conducted a meeting of the special Commission on prevention and liquidation dangerous and infectious animal diseases on the territory of Krasnodar region.

On the territory of Krasnodar territory the head of Seversky district, it is recommended to enter the territory of the municipal formation the mode of “Increased readiness”, reports GTRK “Kuban”.

Text: GTRK “Kuban”