After 11 years in the hospital the girl died, the victim at a fire in

Irina Pekarsky who was injured during a fire in club “Lame horse” on December 5 2009, died in the Perm region.

As RIA Novosti reported, this news was reported in the regional Ministry of health.

on that fateful evening the girl came to the club together with her civil husband Sergey Kolpakov, who before the fire went outside to smoke. Irina also inhaled carbon monoxide.

as a result of toxic lesions of the brain Irina turned into a heavy disabled person to mind three children, could not talk and feed himself. All these years she was on treatment in recent years was in the palliative ward of the hospital in the town of Berezniki.

the Fire in “the Lame horse” which has occurred because of fireworks, took the lives of 156 people, dozens of people were injured, some of them was disabled.