After 60 years Samara has become one of the leaders of the world space

the Decision to create in Samara, then still Kuibyshev, branch of design Bureau of Sergei Korolev, was taken in 1960. Design Bureau served important projects for main aircraft factory area. It took several months and the facility is fully redeveloped to the production of space rockets. Today Samara — one of the centers of world space.

in the Summer of the 60th Queen emerges ambitious project to send into space dogs Belka and Strelka, and for their people. Then the names of the designers, embodying the plans outstanding designer, was on everyone’s lips. But collecting the spaceship working, and selected the best across the country.

Latin Vladimir — the best Turner-Turner in his native Kuibyshev. He became those who make a breakthrough in the space industry would be impossible.

currently, the space and rocket center “Progress” collects “the Unions”. The technology worked, that is, to automatism. Veteran Vladimir Latin notes that then back in the 58th first batch was hard on the technical solutions sweated for a few days, and then days. What to remember — spent the night in the factory.

it is Worth noting, reports GTRK “Samara”, the TV channel “Russia-1” Vladimir finished only 4 years of school. Later independently began to study engineering science. Today, the veteran still in service, but retired works on creation of devices and mechanisms for domestic use.

Text: GTRK “Samara”