After Chelyabinsk from the Parade on June 24 refused in Penza

due to security concerns at the continuing risk of the spread of coronavirus infection the Victory Parade in Penza on June 24 is cancelled. This was announced at the operative meeting in the regional government. It was held online, reports GTRK “Penza”.

As said the head of the region Ivan Belozertsev, to preserve the health of the residents of the region, the Victory Parade postponed to a later date. According to the Governor, the region is moving towards the progressive abolition of restrictions imposed because of the epidemic COVID-19. Probably this week will be announced the second phase of the removal of restrictions. But it is important that all parties were serious about the current situation.

it is Necessary to sanitary-epidemiological regime adhered to by all residents. As you know, is still required is a mask mode and a respect for social distance in public places. Further decisions about changes to the quarantine mode will, as before, to take together the government, the Ministry of health and the CPS.

today, a growing number of cases of coronavirus in the region, 94 people over the past day. The total number of patients davidnyc — 3 823. Died 31 resident. High alert in the region are still preserved.

As previously reported, to cancel the Victory day Parade also decided in Chelyabinsk.

Text: GTRK “Penza”