The football professional Atakan Karazor from VfB Stuttgart, who was released from custody, will return to the Baden-Württemberg state capital in the next few days. This was announced by the Bundesliga soccer club on Saturday. Karazor will complete performance diagnostic and medical tests in Stuttgart, according to the statement.

On this basis and after personal discussions, a decision will be made about the 25-year-old’s return to training. The midfielder has now been contacted for the first time by telephone. VfB will not comment further on the ongoing proceedings.

Karazor was arrested on the Spanish holiday island of Ibiza around six weeks ago. In the meantime, he has been released from custody against payment of bail, as VfB confirmed again in its announcement on Saturday. The deposit is 50,000 euros, as the district court of the Balearic Islands announced on Thursday. The soccer professional, who is being investigated for the “alleged crime of sexual assault”, is allowed to leave Spain. However, he must remain available and report regularly to the court that made the decision to release him. In addition, he was not allowed to approach the alleged victim or communicate with him, it said.

According to the Stuttgart club in mid-June, Karazor denies any criminal activity. So far, VfB has not wanted to say what he is accused of. The police in Ibiza had confirmed the arrest of two Germans.

Karazor and a friend met two women in a nightclub in early June. Afterwards they had sex in a villa near Sant Josep – “consensually”, as Karazor asserts. The alleged 18-year-old victim spoke of being raped.

Karazor had developed into a regular player in midfield at VfB last season. He has completely missed the preparation for the new season as a result of his arrest.