After the video message to Putin that the Voronezh hospitals were given the award

After the video message to the President that the Voronezh hospital No. 8 have paid premiums. They worked in hospital with coronavirus patients and legitimately relied on allowances for work.

he learned the correspondent of “News of Voronezh” in a press-service of the Department of health, the lifters accrued for may and premium and premium. In the regional Minski noted that this category of workers hospitals the Federal payments are not allowed.

Recall that the lifters hospitals complained about the lack of any financial incentives. But they are in the immediate vicinity — the “red zone” patients with a coronavirus. The cry of despair they were addressed to Putin, stating that all movement in kovid hospital lift.

“You did not forget to encourage the ambulance drivers. For comparison, if the line will be released ten cars, each will be in the hospital one COVID-infected. At that time, as we will be in contact with ten patients”.

however, the amount recovered from the coronavirus of Voronezh for the last day increased by almost 3.5 times. If the 15 June it became known about 30 patients completely recovered from COVID-19, today defeated the disease were almost 3.5 times more than 100 residents of the region.

Now the number recovered since the epidemic began in the region more than 2 thousands of a hundred people. Even more than 2,7 thousand inhabitants of the region suffer from the coronavirus in the moment. They are isolated at home or in the hospital depending on the severity of the disease.

Text: GTRK “Voronezh”