After us the deluge: Putin called such a logic of industrialization deadlock

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on air of TV channel “Russia 24” stated that a consumer’s attitude to nature is extremely dangerous. Such statement the President made during online meetings with environmentalists and animal rights activists.

Vladimir Putin drew attention to the fact that today we see examples of outright consumer approach. According to him, many live by the principle “after us the deluge.” The head of state noted that this logic is extremely dangerous and stalemate.

the President believes that nature itself indicates that sustainable development is possible only at observance of the harmonious balance of interests of economic growth, social welfare and environmental security. Vladimir Putin noted that environmental issues remain among the most sensitive and important topics for society. The head of state drew attention to the fact that it is no coincidence that the number of amendments to the Constitution had many suggestions to strengthen requirements for environmental protection and the importance of responsible treatment of animals.

Vladimir Putin said that Russia’s nature is a national asset that should be preserve for future generations. According to the President, for citizens it is very important to preserve the unique richness of the natural resources, flora and fauna of the country.