Against Verzilova filed a case on dual citizenship

Investigators opened a criminal case on dual citizenship in respect of a member of the art group “War” and publisher of “media zones” Peter Verzilova.

according to TASS, about this community informed the lawyer Verzilova Leonid Solovyov.

He said that his client was summoned on July 7, the questioning at the Investigative Committee of Russia criminal case under article “failure to provide such notification about the presence of the Russian citizen of foreign citizenship or residence permit.

Verzilova suspect that the citizens of the Russian Federation, he has a canadian passport.

Previously, he was questioned on the criminal case initiated after nesakntsionirovannogo stocks July 27 – under article “organization of mass riots and using violence against a representative of authorities”.

on June 22 Moscow Meshchansky court sentenced Verzilova to 15 days of administrative arrest under article “small hooliganism interfaced to disobedience to the lawful demands of a representative of authority or any other person acting on public order protection or a person preventing breach of public order” — for swearing on the street.