Air gates of the capital have become wider: opened in Sheremetyevo terminal C

the long-Awaited premiere at Sheremetyevo airport: there opened the international terminal C. the Roof is in the shape of an airplane, technologically advanced design in the style of Russian avant-garde and main — carrying capacity to 20 million passengers per year.

the First flight in a new, actually rebuilt terminal C of Sheremetyevo airport. The plane arrived from Helsinki. And those who now arrived from the Finnish capital, will be the first of twenty million passengers that the new terminal plans to serve in the coming year.

Almost 130 thousand square meters of comfort, the most modern technology and simple visual pleasure. The interiors — such recognizable features of the Russian constructivist and avant-garde. Architects were inspired by the great artists of the last century.

“When we go to the airport itself, we see a large red beams, inspired by the works of Ale Lisitskogo — here, in the picture you can even see these references. If we raise the head up and see a big ceiling, then Yakov Chernikhov here also gives us Hello,” says the tour guide Marta Ageeva.

It was designed and built in less than three years. It was a real airport of the future, the services which can be used today. With open last year, terminal B, terminal C forms a single complex service for domestic and international flights.

“Sheremetyevo is the leader among the airports of the Russian Federation, Europe and the world. Here technology is very harmonious and very organically combined with constructivism, the cultural solutions, with interesting architectural solutions,” — said the Deputy Minister of transport of Russia Alexander Yurchik.

for the First time in Russia automatic tape baggage: bags and backpacks no longer need to push hands. Everything to the standard procedure took place quickly, without queues.

In this large-scale reconstruction of the airport continues. Will start soon construction on the second phase of the North terminal complex. Passengers and flights has increased significantly after the introduction of the third runway.

“By 2021, our partner, a company of Russian Railways, will be built and put into operation a railway station of Aeroexpress, which will allow our passengers from Moscow direct to arrive to the North terminal complex,” — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Sheremetyevo international airport” Alexander Ponomarenko.

With the opening of the new terminal will cater for up to eighty million passengers per year and will strengthen its position in the ranking of the best airports in Europe.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”