Inhabitants of Vladivostok can now get to the resorts of the black sea coast direct flight — the flight takes almost ten hours. But it still saves time and money, sure tourists. Tickets are fully sold out.

It finally happened, a Direct flight connected the black sea coast to the coast of the sea of Japan. And this is perhaps the first flight in the modern history of Vladivostok international airport.

While huge aircraft taxied to the terminal, the reception began making its first passengers.

“Now, of course, is better a direct flight, here I have a wife early departed with a change, there first, then 3-4 hours wait, then 4 more hours to go”, — says Sergey Styazhkin, a passenger.

after half an hour, the queue of those wishing to fly to the Black sea has increased significantly. Most of the passengers chose the tour package – it includes flights there and back, transfers, accommodation at the hotel.

“Now the most important thing for us is the price. In the region of 70 thousand, I believe that it is inexpensive, 9 days – 8 nights. Never been, so we decided to go there,” says Oksana Lobko-Sobachkina.

If you wish a ticket on the Black sea to diversify options, power on the system “all inclusive” or, for example, to complement the tours.

With the gradual decline of the incidence of COVID-19 in Russia, domestic tourism is starting to Wake up. This summer season, the airline plans to move to southern resorts not less than 50 thousand in the far East.

“Every passenger will find something that he wants, the cost of the flights below. But at the same time, passenger can choose to customize the flights, extra meals, but a basic cost, which includes everything already included in the minimum cost,” — said Sergey Starikov, the official representative of airline “Russia”.

the Flights operated in the bypass of the capital, not only save time and money passfat and by reducing the duration of the flight causes the least damage to the environment. The first flights to Vladivostok took almost 9 hours.

“it’s nice to see the faces of people who can enjoy warm sea,” — says Andrei Chekunov, a senior flight attendant crew 1 compartment.

Before each flight – disinfection of salon, change of disposable napkins on the headrests. Passengers also promise food in lunch boxes and disposable tableware.

wide-body aircraft with a capacity of 500 passengers. Came here completely empty in Sochi will fly loaded to 100 percent. Seating as usual, so the crew is taking maximum security measures.

the first non-stop flight Vladivostok-Sochi tours and tickets sold – 510 passengers flew economy class, even 12 people chose the business service. From this moment, flying to the Black sea will be operated twice a week, and from July 11, a direct flight will be possible to fly to the Crimea.