Airlines and airports approved grants for 11 billion rubles

the Federal air transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) approved the application of airlines and airports with almost 11 billion roubles of subsidies for partial compensation of expenses due to coronavirus falling passenger traffic, the message of the Ministry.

the Federal air transport Agency since may 14, has received 54 applications from 40 airlines. Some airlines have applied several times for each month. The Agency has approved subsidy on 38 applications for $ 9,75 billion rubles from the Federal budget.

“Airlines have received subsidies to cover expenses for commercial transportation, performed from February to may 2020. The application of airline “Victory” is rejected as not meeting the criteria established by rules of granting subsidies”, — have noted in Rosaviation.

Approved grants and three airports in the amount of 808,1 million rubles: Sheremetyevo international airport, Begishevo international airport and Kazan international airport. Just Rosaviatsia has received 60 applications from 52 airports. The airport applied for a grant to cover expenses for the second quarter of 2020.

the Russian government is preparing to increase 36% annual subsidizing regional air transport in 2020, or 3 billion rubles. The budget for 2020 was originally laid 8.3 billion rubles. In 2018 subsidize interregional transportation in the country amounted to 3.3 billion rubles in 2019 — 7.8 billion rubles.

the Government will give 11 billion rubles to support the Russian airports in terms of the pandemic, said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The money will primarily be spent on payment of salaries to workers and payment of insurance premiums.

Passenger traffic in April fell compared to March 2020, almost 10 times — from 11.6 million to 1.47 million people. On international flights, passenger traffic in April fell to 30.4 thousand from 2,544 million peopleto in March. The number of passengers on domestic flights fell to 1.44 million from 9.1 million.

the Passenger traffic of Russian airlines in April fell to 739,5 thousand 9,365 million people in April 2019, and in comparison with March 2020 2 times.