Aksenov called the growth of the tourist flow from Ukraine by the recognition of Russian status of Crimea

the head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov has called the growth of tourist flow from Ukraine by the recognition of the citizens of the neighboring countries of the Russian status of Crimea. The head of the region wrote on his page on “Facebook”.

Summing up the tourist season 2019, Aksenov said that in the year the Crimea was visited by nearly 7.5 million tourists. This is 9 percent more than in 2018. Among foreign guests of the Crimea continues to lead the citizens of Ukraine — a year on the Peninsula rested more than 1.1 million Ukrainians. Aksenov called this fact “a kind of public vote” on the issue of recognition of Russian status of Crimea. Aksenov added that about 20% of foreign tourists came from Belarus, 11% — from Kazakhstan, 7 percent from Germany, 4% from Uzbekistan and Armenia, 3 and 2% respectively from Estonia, and Azerbaijan. Among the guests of the Crimea in 2019 become citizens of Sweden, Finland, China, USA, Georgia, Latvia, Thailand, Spain and other countries.

Republic of Crimea in 2018 broke the record of tourist flows during the whole post-Soviet period, adopting the 6.8 million people, which is 28% higher than a year earlier.

As an added Aksenov, resort infrastructure in Crimea will have to upgrade though and now the Crimea attracts tourists with adequate prices and quality services. Now we are discussing the possibility of attracting for the purpose of cheap and long-term Bank loans. Aksyonov pointed out that to sell tourist potential of the Peninsula it is necessary without damaging the environment and in the interests of all Crimeans.