Alarming symptoms: when women age 50+ definitely need to see a doctor

during menopause, many women feel uncomfortable, but some can be particularly hard: there is a strong irritability, there are strong flashes, sweating, which often leads to marital problems.

meanwhile, women are shy to ask such questions to the doctors, hope it goes away by itself.

is it So? Or by excessive tides can be harbingers of more serious disease?

the TV channel “Russia 1” the doctor-gynecologist, candidate of medical Sciences Ekaterina Zhumanova, replying to a question of TV viewer mentioned: in some cases, the woman alone can not cope and have to go to a specialist.

This applies, in particular, described by the TV viewer symptoms: irritability and strong tides.

the Doctor notes that it is the menopause, which is necessary to cope, otherwise you may be weight gain, and increased pressure, cholesterol, and sugar.

According to her, many health problems begin in women from that period.

the Medic resembles the hormone estrogen during menopause is reduced, and in fact it regulates all metabolic processes in the body.

thus, if there are such manifestations, it is necessary to go to the doctor to have it determined whether you need serious drugs, or will have enough phytoestrogens (natural alternate hormone).

Catherine Zhumanova draws attention to the fact that if we talk about hormone replacement therapy, it is first necessary to undergo a thorough examination.

But often enough phytoestrogens contained in many foods: for example, in legumes, soybeans, seeds of flax, lentils and others.

of Course, have to severely restrict or eliminate oily and sweet pastries and cakes. In short, the first advice is to completely rebuild the nutrition by adding fruit, vegetables and vitamins.

Second tip: do not lay the TV with the remote, and to do at least some exercise – gymnastics, squats, brisk walking (but not walking on the kitchen).

They, he said, are driving the whole blood to the muscles, and thus we build the right system of thermoregulation.

in addition, women with strong tides and especially in summer it is necessary to give preference to clothes made of natural fabrics.