Alaska want to demolish a monument to the ruler of the Russian settlements

In Alaska against the backdrop of mass demolition of monuments you want to remove the statue of Alexander Baranov. He was the ruler of the Russian settlements in North America in the late XVIII and early XIX centuries.

we are talking about the monument, located in the historical center of the town Satka, which until 1867 was named new Archangel and was the capital of the Russian possessions. The statue by sculptor Joan Bagby-Jackson was donated to the municipality in 1989 one of the local families.

according to “Russia 24”, the initiators were a group of local residents. They believe that the monument might offend the feelings of indigenous peoples. However, there are those who stood in defense of the monument.

the Decision on its transfer from the centre should make the city Council. The mayor, in turn, proposed a compromise: to leave a monument, but a monument to the indigenous people.

a New wave of protests with a demand to remove monuments began in the United States amid mass protests over the death of George Floyd. He was choked during the arrest. The vandals destroyed, and demolished the monuments to the confederates, and Christopher Columbus. There was even a demolished statue of the first U.S. President George Washington in Portland.

In the UK need to demolish the monuments of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi. I have removed the monuments to Robert Milligan and Edward Colston.