Alcohol, loud music and even syringes:

With the abolition of restrictions noisy crowd returned to the Small Bronnoy. “Patrick”, as he calls the Patriarch’s ponds youth, has long been a fashionable venue for loud parties. Without masks and distance, but with alcohol and loud music under the Windows of houses. How the locals intend to seek tranquility at night?

the Patriarch’s ponds. Midnight. All the club life of the capital is now under the Windows of residents of the area.

Galina Melnikova lives across the street. Every night she comes out to calm the crowds of drunken tourists.

One of the companies is established on the sidewalk DJ controller. To end the party, they clearly did not intend.

From the roar of engines glasses in the next apartments shaking. Cars thrown in the road or on the sidewalk. The trunk replaces the summer terrace.

to requests to be quieter campers react aggressively. The police here regularly cause, but to solve the problems the residents have. One of the local residents said:

— there are no Police of any kind. I have four days did not see a single outfit.

By morning the army of janitors collects mountains of garbage.

— Eat and drink. Collect bottles from-under vodka, wine — anything you want.

Bottles, glasses, boxes leave right at the water’s edge. According to one janitor, the entire beach is littered with panties, socks, even syringes.

the Patriarch’s ponds, or as fashionable now to speak of “Patrika” — an island of old Moscow. Today they have become the epitome of Bohemian life, where the queue at the public toilet looks like a fashion show in Milan, and the tube resembles a showroom in Dubai.

— Just a shame for the people who come here. I hate to see, but what about the children? People eat, sitting on sidewalks, use loud profanity.

At Patriarch’s ponds, it seems that no one remembers that the world is raging pandemic and coronavirus eachday in Moscow, on average, ill for fifteen hundred people. What social distancing and mask mode, when there are eternal holiday?

— We call them immortal, because their behaviour suggests that they are not afraid of anything, spit on any rules of personal protection.

Local residents are now preparing a collective appeal to the Moscow city Duma. To restore order, propose to prohibit in their area to sell alcohol to take away at the weekend to make the entry fee for non-residents and not to let the bikes after 21 hours. While fun at the Patriarch never stops, day or night.