Alena Apina could not divorce her husband, although he lives on the other

The “Live” – the star of the 1990s, Alena Apina. “Knots”, “Train”, “Xenia”, “Leh”, “American Boy”, “Accountant”… the songs of group “the Combination”, and later solo hits under Epinoy then danced the whole country.

In August, the singer turned 55, and in the program Andrei Malakhov she confessed that she finally decided to live for myself.

the Singer frankly told about the divorce with her second husband – producer Alexander Iratov, which at the time, and began her solo career, persuaded to leave the group “the Combination”.

Apina said that when she announced the divorce, it seemed to Alexander that she was “going mad”. However, Iratov has been living with another woman and, as Allen seems happy with it.

However, officially they are not divorced yet. The singer explains that one of the conditions of the divorce was to wait for 18th birthday daughter. “And all papers, marriage contracts signed. Were just a formality,” explained Apina.

Alena and Openly talks about the fact that their husband and daughter carried by a surrogate mother – the singer couldn’t get pregnant.

Now the daughter – proud mum — grown-up girl. All her life she dreamed of becoming a doctor and went to study at the medical faculty of PFUR.

the Daughter Alena, in her confession, and girlfriend, and stylist, and therapist, and a doctor.

Why Apina went on tour that day, when the light appeared her daughter? The girl survived her parents ‘ divorce? Alena forgiven if their parents abused alcohol? She had left after the first husband?

And what, on Epinoy, the recipe for happiness for women after 50?

this not only Alena Apina frankly told Andrei Malakhov in the program “live”.