Alexander Yegorov resigned as head of the judicial Department of the RFU

the Chairman of the Department of refereeing and inspection of the Russian football Union Alexander Egorov has left his post, which he held for the last 19 months. Insiders report that the head of the judiciary Department of the RFU has left at own will.

As previously reported Вести.Ru with a figure Egorova in the last six months due to a lot of judicial scandals. His subordinates repeatedly caused criticism from both coaches and heads of clubs. In particular, the President of CSKA Evgenie Giner in one of the controversial episodes called Egorova “shoot”, for which he later was fined.

the Executive Committee of the RFU recently is actively pursuing reform of the judiciary, reminds Sport24, which, in particular, involves a division of the Department, led by Egorov, on two departments — the judiciary and inspection.