Alexei Glyzin told why went

Alexei Glyzin in the 1980s was the singer of the cult BAND “Jolly fellows”, which was performed together with Alexander Buynova.

Many Soviet girls then were in love with the handsome blond. He soon left the band and with “Winter garden” was producing one hit after another, collecting stadiums. But suddenly Glyzin gone. Then there were various rumors: said he was in criminal history, was drunk, left the country.

In fact, recognizes Alex, he realized that he may not deceive the public: it was much work I wanted honestly, and he just “fizzled out”.

all The more so when the singer, who is married to world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Saniya, and they had a son, Igor. Glyzin decided to take some time to become a recluse, but in the early 2000s, once again successfully returned to the stage.

Remembering the period of life that was to Saniya, Glyzin admits that was a huge disappointment when a girl, whom he met on the filming of the Christmas program, he decided to go by his first wife, marriage to whom was born his eldest son.

But Eugene singer like bewitched – he left home in what was. However, soon Alex regretted it – the relationship did not work.

Why Glyzin broke up with Eugenia? Why as a teenager, he tore the tubes from the machines? Told him Alla Pugacheva when Glyzin, speaking of her “warming up”, I decided to go to the “Funny guys”?

Who invited him to this famous team? Why is he left out? For some reason, stopped to chat with Alexander Buynova? And what he did in the years of “seclusion”?

“Destiny of man” about it and not just Alexei Glyzin tells the host of the show Boris Korchevnikov.