Alive Moscow: Sergei Sobyanin - the life of the city

In Moscow, the situation of coronavirus is much improved. Almost a week the capital lives a full, usual life. In the parks you can walk to work back in the cafes and restaurants, has opened a sports Studio. Traffic — already 90% of the previous year. The city came to life.

Important: careful the gradual lifting of restrictions triggered the outbreak. The number of cases decreased by 37 percent. Although in terms of testing the capital – one of the first in the world.

“what’s More, we do a day about 48 thousand PCR tests, stated in an exclusive interview, Sergei Sobyanin. — In addition, we have deployed tens of thousands of ELISA-tests, which follow a screening situation in the city. If we see alert indicators, we recheck using PCR. The efficiency of PCR increases, because it works not blindly, and to point at those groups where there is a risk”.

fewer required hospitalization. Severe cases less. The number of patients on a ventilator for the week decreased by 21 percent. And every day consistently — less than 1,000 new cases.

This trend is encouraging, but the mayor said: neglected security measures is impossible. The mask, which in recent times have forgotten many Muscovites still mandatory in all public places.

if possible, you should avoid places where there can be a lot of people. For example, utilization of the parks before you visit worth checking out with the help of special service. Students to continue their education in distance format, as parents, have the opportunity to be with children at home, it is advisable to abandon the kindergartens.

“About 50 thousand children already attend kindergarten, 80 thousand we see a request. The number of residents who remained in Moscow, has not left — more than last summer. But, nevertheless, I would ask, if possible, if it is not lit, it is better to refrain to drive the child in kindergarten”, — markIl the mayor.

In the capital began voting on amendments to the Constitution. To do everything via the Internet has solved more than a million residents of the capital. And on the first day this opportunity was used by more than three hundred thousand Muscovites. Checked the system for themselves and the mayor. Those who decide to come to the polling station personally ensure maximum security.

the Mayor noted. that the stations will operate more than 20 thousand observers.

“All polling stations opened, work on the plan. In order to ensure the safety of voters, we had the largest number of testing members of the electorate commissions – 50% today; in the coming days will be 100%. Such a volume of tests, I assure you, most likely, we never find it. This is a huge amount of work. And plus, of course, must meet sanitary requirements,” continued Sergei Sobyanin.

the Pandemic had an impact on all spheres of life. Not an exception and construction. Despite the fact that the industry went back to work one of the first to avoid downtime failed. But construction is stepping up the pace: the renovation projects, municipal facilities and commercial properties.

In terms of the program of preferential mortgage demand for housing will grow.

“the Volume of housing per semester is approximately half of the plan, although there are some problems. This applies to construction large large infrastructure projects such as roads, metro. The construction of the metro, we almost didn’t stop. When such epidemiological situation, still there are problems with the supply of construction materials and organization of work with people who are exposed to risks”, — said Sergey Sobyanin.

the Question of how to spend a vacation, worried more and more people. Closed from tourists, the capital is not; in Moscow cafes and restaurants, but to talk about the full opening of the season is not worth it.

“there are restaurants, shops — this is one of the most attractive for tourists of chips. But, nevertheless, we limit the set of organized groups in order that they went and walked around Moscow, — the mayor noted. And most important, what we have already said, for tourists are very attractive, a major and beautiful events and city festivals. While they do not earn”.

For public events even earlier; the risk of Contracting coronavirus persists. Discussing this issue will return in July.