Two years ago, signs in Hamburg parks caused a stir. For reasons of “gender justice”, men were asked not to bare their upper bodies. Women shouldn’t either. Men should not use their “bare chest” privilege and voluntarily wear a t-shirt or shirt. The appropriate motto: “T-shirt stays on – everyone has fun.”

Many citizens were outraged or made fun of this new example of gender politics. Until it turned out that these were by no means official signs from the city of Hamburg, but rather fakes by unknown satirists that looked deceptively real. But the reactions made it clear what nonsense the citizens now trusted their authorities to be capable of.

This summer, the satire of the time has become reality under reversed circumstances. In the name of gender justice, not only men should be allowed to bare their upper bodies in outdoor pools, but also women and various people.

This has been the case in Göttingen since May 1st, where all people are allowed to visit certain swimming pools without upper body clothing. At least on the weekend. And just for testing. The reason for the turnaround was the case of a biological woman who did not identify herself as a woman. And the city in Lower Saxony finds imitators nationwide. The city council of Siegen has passed a corresponding resolution, and for the SPD in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel it is “simply a question of equality”.

All breasts are equal before the law. So let’s hope that in the future everyone can be happy in the republic’s outdoor pools in their own way, whether with bare breasts or in a burkini, and that it will remain peaceful between the sunbathing lawn and the unheated pool. Then the outdoor pools could become role models for diversity and tolerance. Germany, united Badeland!