All for sausage has changed the lives of Dmitry Guberniev

the TV channel “Russia 1” TV presenter and sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev said, as the queue for the sausage influenced his career and life in General.

“I’m so grateful to my mom, Galina Guberniias because she was such a huge driving force that led me, and said, “do Not be afraid of anything. If you need to go to a certain office, just knock first, and then worry”,” – says TV presenter.

As the mother of 11-year-old Dmitry was standing in line for scarce in the early ‘ 90s, sausage, and met with coach Ludmila Baltrum. She heard that sickly child had been through several sports sections: football, hockey, skiing. But none of them helps to get rid of chronic bronchitis. Needed a sport that will finally harden a child. Baltrum offered to write the boy in the section rowing: “I coach rowing, I have it will not hurt”.

And although the training sites had to travel one and a half to two hours, engage Dmitry liked: “I was blissed out from this life, I loved it because it was cool. I tell girls: “let’s Go to the movies.” I said, “I Have training””.

Dmitry was fond of rowing and has achieved success – became master of sport, graduated from the Russian Academy of physical culture with a gold medal. However, in the first year fell ill with hepatitis and from the sport he had to leave. I said, “You can exercise, but you can’t be an athlete of the highest class. All, boy.” My world has collapsed. It was a tragedy,” recalls province.

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