The search engine giant Google has separated due to allegations of sexual harassment by another senior employee. How the Google parent company, Alphabet announced on Wednesday, have Rich DeVaul left the company without severance pay.

The New York Times had already reported last week, DeVaul had become a few years ago to a young Job applicant pushy. He was in an Executive role at Google X, a research and development company responsible branch. The group called for the resignation DeVauls, however, no reasons.

The New York Times had revealed a whole series of cases of alleged sexual harassment by Google-employees and the online giants accused of sweeping such incidents under the carpet.

Google had informed its employees recently, in the last two years, the 48-part high-level employees for allegations of sexual harassment dismissed. DeVaul was not included in these Figures apparently.

said the recent case of Pichai, that the online giant was pursuing behavior “increasingly tough line” against such wrong. Pichai said that none of the grounds of such allegations former employees had been paid a severance.

The “New York Times” had reported that Andy Rubin, the Creator of the Smartphone operating system Android, have received a severance payment in the amount of 90 million dollars (80 million euros). Ruby had left Google in 2014, according to the New York Times also because of sexual misconduct.

Several female Google Employees keep the line of the group, apparently still too lenient. According to US media reports, they plan to organize for Thursday is a work stoppage.

government Gazette/AFP