Almost does not eat and lost: the lawyer Efremova told about his condition

currently, Mikhail Efremov, is under house arrest. He is not able personally to communicate with the press. For him it can be done by a lawyer. Elman Pashayev told what state is the actor.

the Lawyer said that Efremov extremely hard going through the situation. The artist finds no place, almost not eating for a week and lost six pounds. “The moral is suffering”, — said Pashayev.

According to the lawyer, Mikhail Efremov before the fatal accident never sat behind the wheel drunk. What he did in the day of the accident, in connection with the death of his close friend. The actor allegedly called and asked to come in urgently.

Elman Pashayev said that Yefremov after the accident immediately contacted a friend and demanded that she immediately found the best doctors and medicines for the affected. The artist was ordered not to spare any money, as he’s a decent man. The lawyer cited the fact, in that Efremov had not cured a child from cancer at their own expense.

the Pasha drew attention to the fact that they operate within the law. Efremov initially adamant wanted him sent to jail, not under house arrest. Counsel again stressed that the artist tried three times to apologize to the family of the deceased, but the journalists were not shown this time, reports StarHit.

According to Pashayeva, with Ephraim in the apartment are his wife and three children who support him.

Recall, the tragic accident occurred in the center of Moscow on 8 June. Efremov, being drunk, drove into the oncoming lane. His jeep crashed into a van Lada. The injured driver was killed.