Altai Minister of transport arrived at railway station of Barnaul in the Santa Claus suit

Today popular and the electric train “Barnaul-Cherepanovo” was renamed the “Christmas Express”, reports radio “Mayak” in Barnaul. The festively decorated carriages, passengers entertain train squirrel, Santa Bear, the snow maiden and two Santa Claus. In addition to Alexander Dementyev in this role, the Deputy chief Western-the Siberian railway on the Altai territorial administration Andrey Kultishev.

Vitaly Klein, press Secretary of the Altai region of West Siberian railway, said:

– We first carry out the action “Christmas Express” to give our passengers a festive mood. On the platform they meet fairy heroes and give sweet gifts. Also the journey will be a festive programme with participation of father Frost and snow Maiden, who congratulated all a happy New year!

the electric Train “Barnaul-Cherepanovo” daily carries about 500 passengers. Today in the ticket office of the station they were given tickets with the inscription “Christmas Express”. reports GTRK “Altai”.

Text: GTRK “Altai”