Global Solo Challenge 2027-2028: Registration Now Open for Amateur World Tour

The Global Solo Challenge 2027-2028 has opened registrations for its second edition, with the race set to start and finish in Vigo, Spain in August 2027. The event has already sparked interest with 80 inquiries and five confirmed participants signing up for the unique race.

Vigo, Spain, will serve as the departure and arrival port for the Global Solo Challenge, offering a stunning backdrop of the Atlantic coast and a rich maritime heritage. The city’s strategic location and protected waters make it an ideal setting for the race, ensuring high media visibility and active public participation. The Real Club NĂ¡utico de Vigo will be at the center of the event, providing comprehensive facilities for all competitors.

The Global Solo Challenge has attracted a diverse range of participants and sailboats, with the first five confirmed participants bringing unique stories and experiences to the race. From a Taling 32 to a former IMOCA Open 60, the event will feature a variety of sailboat profiles, including an amateur-built ocean cruiser and a racing Open 40. Returning participants Chris Stanmore-Major and Peter Bourke are eager to make their mark in this edition after missing out on the 2023 race.

The race format of the Global Solo Challenge is designed to be inclusive for amateur sailors, with boats setting off in successive starts based on their performance characteristics. This eliminates the need for time calculations and turns the race into a true pursuit, where the fastest boats aim to catch up with the slower ones. All boats over 32 feet are welcome to participate, from classic long-keel boats to modern cruisers and racing boats like Class40s, Open 50s, and Open 60s.