Amazon-owned video surveillance service laid off employees-the voyeurs

the Company Ring – a manufacturer of “smart” doorbell and connect to the Internet, surveillance cameras, owned by Amazon, has fired employees for inappropriate access to customer records. This is stated in the company letter to U.S. senators, which was available to Motherboard.

In the Ring acknowledged that over the past four years received four complaints of illegal access to video data. Employees, the company explained, had the opportunity to see the recordings, but the need went beyond their duties. The results of internal investigations all employees, podsmatrivanie for users through intelligent camera, was fired.

After these incidents were strengthened security measures, told in the Ring. Now access to the material, footage of “smart” cameras have only three officers.

Also, the company representatives commented on the publication in The Intercept, according to which a number of employees Ring in Ukraine were granted access to client records for research purposes. In the Ring said that the Ukrainian research team is open exclusively publicly available videos, and video contractors, employees, their friends and family members, but only with explicit consent.

Text: To.Hi-tech