Amendments to the Constitution: comments, the Russian foreign Ministry and the working group

the idea of the priority of the Constitution over a number of norms of international law do not need to look for hidden meaning. This was stated by acting Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

during the press of the Confederacy, he recalled that the constitutional court has previously explained that the Constitution is the basic key standard, and no international agreement should not contradict it.

“I don’t see any reasons and pretexts for speculation and search of a certain hidden meaning,” — said Lavrov.

meanwhile, the co-chair of the working group on preparation of proposals of amendments, Pavel Krasheninnikov at the meeting said that the Commission will not amend the first and second chapters of the Constitution. Although, according to him, such proposals have already come.

“We will work on the amendments that have been made in the President’s address won’t work on amendments to the first and second chapters of the Constitution. They are inviolable,” — said Krasheninnikov.

In turn, the co-chair of the working group taliya khabrieva said that constitutional changes should significantly improve the lives of Russians and their social and legal rights. According to her, these constitutional changes suggest a transformation of “form of state” in the direction of democratization, according to RIA Novosti.

working group co-Chairman Andrei Klishas said that Russia and after changes to the Constitution will continue to fulfill all its international obligations.

“the supremacy of the Constitution must be ensured, but Russia is a consistent supporter of the implementation of all international obligations. Russia remains a member of the large European family”, — said Klishas.

he Also called a joke rumors that the working group wants to amend the Basic law amendment on the possibility of the dissolution of the state Duma. He urged the media not to do stuff and not come up with anything stupid.