Amendments to the Constitution: how to vote in eagle

can be confused with paramedics because of the white coats and protective masks. Only with a not the case with medications and a portable ballot box. Election Commission members go home to those who find it difficult to get to the site. To orlovtsy can exercise their legitimate right to participate in the fate of the country. And to do it without the risk of becoming infected.

“For us the main thing is the health of voters. Therefore, we process and means of protection and arms, and hands, and calls”, — says Sergey Morozov, a member of the precinct election Commission No. 42. eagle.

Each voting — personal protective kit. Be sure to keep your distance. The members of the electoral Commission remain at the threshold. Bulletin Anatoly Afanasyevich fills the house, one. So observed and the secrecy of the ballot.

“I thank the organizers of these elections. They have done everything possible to was available to everyone,” — thanked Anatoly Kostarev, Chairman of Oryol city Council of veterans of war.

the average mobile brigade of the precinct electoral Commission makes 10-15 trips a day. Protective suits change every two hours. As well as the organizers of the poll, which operate on the local area.

“This vote we are after 8 PM. Will mirabilem literally until the last voter who wishes to vote, the Commission remains in those places, where it was determined according to the schedule and announcements on which were hung at the entrances,” explains Vitaly Vovchenko, the Chairman of the territorial election Commission of the Northern region of the eagle.

Waiting for all in the traditional places for voting. From 8 am to 8 PM work and fixed the polls. But anyone who chooses to do their civil duty, will have to undergo a small procedure. To measure the temperature and process the hand.

Then will be given a mask if you came without it and gloves, plus a pen that could answert to the question “For” amendment or “Against”. Vladimir Round “For” the fact that children are a priority of the state, For the indexation of wages and pensions, and “For” quality health care.

“Social amendments that we are voting, they’re actually not because we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but because the government and the President acts in the spirit of these amendments. I believe that these amendments are extremely important,” said Vladimir Round, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

the region has 723 polling station, among them in the regional center — 137. By this o’clock have voted more than 60 thousand people.