Amendments to the Constitution: in remote areas of Russia has begun early voting

thousands of people have already made their choice early on national voting on amendments to the Constitution. Every day members of election commissions come to those who live in remote parts of the country, including in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district.

cool Early June morning, a helicopter from Tazovsky with the electoral commissions on Board takes the direction to Nakhodka tundra. An experienced conductor checks the route on the map. The plans for the day – not less than 12 landings. The emphasis is on security. The vote was held without risks to health and compliance with health requirements.

“in Order to protect yourself from coronavirus – in masks, gloves and antiseptics. Voters also treat the hands with an antiseptic, to protect themselves. And we give out disposable gloves and masks,” says the member of the precinct election Commission of polling station № 1106 Natalia Salinger.

30 minutes of flight, and in the upper reaches Gallerythe thought the first camp. It is home to three families. Hearing the noise of the helicopter, all out to meet guests. The election Commission is not surprised. That will vote, here knew. The mistress of tents immediately sent to get a passport.

“For the amendment. It’s going to change something in life we have the tundra-dwellers, and in General in the social sphere, I so understand”, — says a resident of the tundra.

In Shuryshkarsky area in the first five days of early voting, the representatives of seven local commissions for waterways crossed over two thousand kilometers. And if the North direction meets the Commission by the rain, squally wind and not a summer coolness, on the banks of the Ob river in the midst of the “mosquito” season.

“Routes difficult. But, nevertheless, everything that we planned while we visited,” says the Chairman of the territorial election Commission Shuryshkarsky district of Ekaterina Shakhova.

the number voters are changing every hour. Only the first two days of work of the commissions on leaving in the Tazovsky and Shuryshkarsky areas provided the will is almost three thousands of residents.