Amendments to the Constitution of Russia has supported more than 78% of voters

amendments to the Constitution of Russia has supported more than 78 percent of voters — are the preliminary results announced in the CEC, where he was treated for over 99 percent of the protocols. While turnout reached 65 percent.

nationwide voting was completed at nine o’clock in the evening Moscow time on Wednesday, and all the voters were waiting at stations for a whole week — long procedure used for the first time in the history of the country.

According to the law, to amendments to the basic law entered into force, they must support more than half of voters, turnout at this.

at noon Today, the Central election Commission will open an information center; it will present the results of the vote, reports channel “Russia 24”.

Most of the protocols processed even at midnight. According to the CEC head Ella Pamfilova, on the ballot provided maximum accessibility and transparency — this ensures the legitimacy of the plebiscite.

Serious violations that could affect the result, the CEC did not record. All requests are checked on a mandatory basis.

In turn, the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova said that the hotline, the office called more than 600 times. This shows the indifference of the voters to the process.

To implement the new provisions of the Constitution will have to take about 90 laws. This was stated by the co-chair of the working group on preparation of amendments, Pavel Krasheninnikov. Among these documents is an entirely new, for example, the law on state Council, and those that are outdated and require urgent revision, as the law on culture.