Amendments to the Constitution: there is still time to vote

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

June 25 started a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution. My opinion on this most important issues for the country, every Russian can speak for six days until July 1, which will be the main day of voting and announced in Russia off.

Now Russia is recovering from a pandemic coronavirus, but precautionary measures at the polls is unprecedented. And a six-day vote — also from the security reasons that no one on the sites are not crowded. In Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod went further. For amendments, you can vote remotely. And this right in two cities have decided to take advantage of more than a million people.

And on June 26 Vladimir Putin in the videoconference held a meeting with members of the Public chamber of the new convocation. They took an active part in the preparation of amendments to the basic law, and now fulfill the most important mission of observers to the vote.

“Our crucial task to the results of nationwide voting was absolutely reliable, legitimate. Here there should be no compulsion, “cheat” appearance, not to mention the failures in the accounting of the votes cast, so that later nobody could doubt the position will expressed by the citizens of Russia”, — said the President.

And those seeking to disrupt the vote too. Hacker fakes in social networks, provocation on sections.

Author: Andrew Grigorev

Every evening at each site — one the same procedure: ballots collected for the entire day, put in a special safe package which cannot be opened without damaging. And then another, and locked up under lock and key. None of the stages of the intervention impossible, all under the watchful gaze of observers on each site no fewer than five people.

Free masks, gloves and even a disposable pen for each voter. A vote for several days to to prevent concentrations of people in areas. Week to vote is a good precaution. This schedule is primarily due to the recommendations of epidemiologists.

“Risks either for voters or for those who will be present during the whole working time at the polling stations, no,” assured Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor.

Without much coordination, you can invite the Commission and the house, and many took advantage.

Following all the advice of doctors, vote in the encampments of the reindeer herders of the far North. And on cruise ships — the same PPE and time intervals.

the military Vote in all districts and at the most distant frontier posts, even those volunteers, who are now in Moscow hospital experiencing a vaccine against coronavirus. And in the suburbs in a civil plot comes to defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Only for the first three days, with almost 31 million votes cast, it is more than 28% of those who are in lists. A high turnout, given that the vote is still in full swing.

“This is more than we expected. So the citizens have heard of us. Heard that is safe, comfortable and you can find a convenient time from eight in the morning until eight in the evening in any of the seven days,” — said the CEC head Ella Pamfilova.

election commissions do breaks only for sleep. The CEC demonstrates maximum openness — here, even the elevators are transparent. No one should have the slightest doubt in the outcome of the vote. Every step of every day — under the scrutiny of the public. Observers — almost half — more than ever. Specifically, the CEC extended the deadline to enroll in this package is available until 30 June.

“the Number of people we have is increasing every day. And we see an unprecedented number of our observers,” — said Maxim Grigoriev, head of the working group of Public chamber on public control over the voting wastion.

the Situation room of the Public chamber of reception, and the same with surveillance -practically in each regional center.

as foreign experts, members of parliaments of Serbia, Romania, Italy, Germany, they, too, rode daily for five to ten plots. “We have vast experience in monitoring. And the organization here on all parameters at a very high level,” — said one of the foreign observers. “I’ve seen a lot of polls around the world as an observer. And I have the impression that here everything is organized very well,” said another.

Constant monitoring and for electronic voting. The opportunity was in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region.

“This is a process, in our view, for whom the future is generally in the field worldwide vote”, — said Gleb Nikitin, Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Remotely voted almost 900 thousand users is 75% of those who have registered. Counting will take place by special technology, hacks or fraud are excluded.

“Each observer can technically see how you stack up the votes. To decrypt them, it will be possible only when you are connected to the decryption keys. We divided them into five parts. And only United can provide the key to decoding” — said Ilya massukh, head of the public headquarters for the monitoring and observation of elections in Moscow.

If a person didn’t vote online, no matter for what reasons — he is still able to come to the site. But the attempt to vote twice — an administrative offense, a conscious choice to commit only once.

“the Stability that has occurred in recent years — maybe the most important thing for our country. The fact that Putin is concerned about this, that stability that no internal conflicts, is maybe the most important thing. Well, plus, of course, that does not touch the border”, — said the people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoi.

“We vote for amendments to the basic law of the Russian Federation. And for those amendments that have a very deep philosophical meaning. Which, when applied in life, can lead to a very important spiritual and moral consequences in the lives of our people”, — said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.

the Central election Commission detects powerful stuffing fake reports of violations.

“Or outright lies and lies, or half-truths taken out of context, or deliberate staging. I’m a very philosophical look at the case. Our task is to hold a vote on the level, not of doubt, that the results were credible, and legitimate. And their job is to discredit,” — said the CEC head Ella Pamfilova.

the moment when the observers are loaded into the machine, the ballot boxes, issued for land in the trunk. Or here is disappearing ink, which supposedly filled pens at the sites. But you can find the continuation of this movie. Performance, captured some years ago in Kazakhstan, behind the scenes even speak Kazakh. What, for example, disparagingly referred to as the voting on the stumps and benches, is a legitimate new way, where the sites with all the precautions equipped on the local area. Participation of observers and health standards is also required.

There are outright fakes. Publish the order of the Magadan company “Agromaglesprom” in which it workers ‘ be obliged come to a vote, but such firms are already five years did not exist. Or that portion of No. 33 in the Tver public transport.

“All that being said, it would be great, except for one. In Tver there is simply no plot number 33. Basic fact-checking shows that the story itself is unraveling due to the fact that it is a lie from the beginning,” said Alexander Malkevich, observedthe Chairman of the Public chamber in the special territorial election Commission on conducting the remote electronic voting.

In a memo to the activists of the movement “Voice” expressly stated under paragraphs: start a scandal, to extend to the scandal, if there are no violations, think. The materials of the organization appears even prepared a report, which – attention — the results of the voting are not less than 33 thousand violations. Only here it is composed of 12 June, when the voting had not even begun.

“It was, it is. A lot. They are such a volley was released. It will be. We think it’s okay. We missed the hand, to beat the — sorry — their revelations. To put in place,” — said Pamfilova.

“One of the grants allocated by the United States in March, large enough for about five million dollars. And here formed a so-called Alliance of independent observers to monitor our national vote. And there is a movement of “the Voice”, — said Andrey Klimov, Chairman of the Federation Council Commission for the protection of state sovereignty.

To date, have voted many of those who took the law on amendment to the Constitution.

“All security measures are observed, and rightly so, because, unfortunately, the situation is more alarming from the point of view of the coronavirus,” — said Sergey Mironov, head of “Fair Russia”.

“this time made very convenient that we vote all 6 days. This allows people not to accumulate, not to face,” said the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

“we Need to find the time, opportunity and support the Constitution, support the changes that we make,” — said Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the state Duma.

those who worked on the new wording of the articles of the basic law.

“it is Very important that we did supplements to the Constitution. Nezavisima from where the person lives in Russia, small or big city, anywhere, on the North and South, East and West, he needs to obtain high-quality and affordable medical care”, — said Leonid Roshal, a member of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution, the President of Institute of emergency pediatric surgery and traumatology.

“Voting is very active. Most importantly — met all of the requirements of the law and security requirements. It was all very clean. All understand how something is made. The whole process takes less than two minutes,” said taliya khabrieva, co-chair of the working group on amendments to the Constitution.

“my wife had a very good vote. Everything was clean. I think this is for me a landmark event,” admitted Pavel Krasheninnikov, the Chairman of the working group on amendments to the Constitution.

that is a very important day, they say, and people on the land: “We live in this country. Us to choose what Constitution we live. Every person living in the country with a beautiful and powerful name of Russia, is obliged to do it.”

“what is here written, about pensions, about nature, and – most importantly — how I, a person representing to some extent the culture, it was very interesting”, — said the honored artist of the Russian Federation Grigory Leps.

the opinion of the citizens of the country far from a formality. It again at the meeting with the Public chamber stressed президент6 “You know, I already talked about this many times, in General, the changes outlined in the Constitution, they do not require and are not required in the current law of the Russian vote. I found that it is extremely important that people expressed their direct relevance to the amendments that are offered. Only they, our citizens have the right to decide what is to be our basic law”.

the New version will enter into force only if “for” is more than half of those tothey came to the land. To vote there is still time, the main date — July 1, the day the country declared a day off.

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