Amendments to the Constitution will come into force immediately after the voting

as soon As the CEC will summarize the official results of the voting, the amendments will take effect immediately and will be published, said the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas.

the text of the Constitution they will appear after the President will issue a decree, writes RIA Novosti news Agency with reference to the Senator.

According to the CEC, the turnout in the vote on the amendments was 65%. After processing 100% of ballots voted “for” the 77,92% of the Russians, “against” – of 21.27%.

Record support for the amendments was expressed by the residents of three regions: Chechnya – 97,92%, Tuva – 96,79% and the Crimea – 90,07%. It is worth noting that the opponents won only in one Russian region – in the Nenets Autonomous district. There “no,” said 55,25% of voters. In addition, 816 of Russians who came to the Consulate in new York, only 310 people supported the amendment.