America is preparing to strike Iran and refuses to leave Iraq

U.S. Forces in the middle East is in a state of readiness in anticipation of the strike Tehran. America throws additional strategic bombers B-52, pulls the ships. And despite the fact that the allies States, Germany, Canada, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, on the contrary, the withdrawal of its military from Iraq, the American press claims that the Iraqi city of Hit will expand the airport to make the strategic bombers. Refusing to leave Iraq, demanding money for the base — a typical behaviour of the occupying forces.

After the American Ambassador in Baghdad conveyed the demands of the country’s Parliament to end the 17-year occupation and go home, Brigadier General William Seeley, who commands task force of US troops in Iraq sat down for a letter to the Iraqi Ministry of defense. Later it will be leaked to the press and he even has time to read: “the U.S. Military will regroup troops in the coming days to prepare for further displacement. To complete this process, coalition forces instructed to take measures to provide safe and effective withdrawal of troops from Iraq.”

But for a long time the sensation was not lived. A draft full of unfortunate turns of speech and also without a signature, called a letter at a press conference with participation of the head of the Pentagon and the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Both spoke on camera, but journalists have recorded their voices. “It was a mistake. Unsigned draft letter. We are deploying military forces and increase the volume of traffic in Iraq,” said mark Milly, the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

In General, nobody is going anywhere, buried hope erupted at the same press conference, Minister of defense mark Esper: “At the moment there was no decision to leave Iraq. In addition, we do not plan this in the future and prepare for it.”

US Vice versa — just pumped up muscles. On the basis of ‘ Ayn al-Asad in Iraq provintion Anbar started to prepare the infrastructure for the adoption of the strategic bombers b-52. The first 6 machines already deployed at the airbase of Diego Garcia in the Indian ocean.

In the middle East now sent three amphibious ships of the U.S. Navy. A potential goal – of course, Iran. Iraq stashed other methods. The Washington Post, citing administration officials, reports that the White house has already started the development of the very sanctions that trump has threatened to Baghdad: “the White house may impose certain sanctions, which prohibit American businesses to cooperate with companies in Iraq. The removal of specific persons or companies from the U.S. economy and the financial sector can have a devastating effect.”

the most Severe sanctions, requirements to pay billions for built for themselves as the airbase is America in Iraq behaves like a cowboy, put his feet on the Desk thrown out of a private house owner. In any measure the US does not recognize Iraqi sovereignty and it does not recognize the international agreements and regulations.

Mike Pompeo asked to comment on the statement by Tehran that Soleimani a recent trip went openly, with a diplomatic passport in his pocket. The Secretary of state almost in the voice began to laugh: “Zarif, said that Soleimani, went to Baghdad on a diplomatic mission. Anyone here believes in it? Is there any evidence to suggest that this good man, an honest diplomat Qasim Soleimani, went to Baghdad with the aim of establishing peace? This is ridiculous, we know that’s not true.”

the Writing that was the most insistent on killing Soleimani exactly Pompeo. But even he is uncomfortable with the trump threats to bomb Iranian cultural heritage. That the USA in the event of open conflict will fight by the rules, and not as the barbarians wiped off the face of the earth the antiquity of Persepolis, the tomb of Cyrus or the city of Isfahan, said on the eve of the head of the Pentagon. But whatse still considers himself a trump? To the U.S. President tried to reach reporters through his counselor.

– I Think you said that the President keeps the gun on 52 objects, including cultural. Because it is illegal! – asked Kellyann Conway journalist.

He just said out of 52 objects. You argue with assumptions, and I have to work in the real world, — said the adviser to trump.

But the arrival in Congress of John Bolton as a witness in the case of impeachment is becoming more real. The day before ex-national security Advisor said that, most likely, will go to him if subpoenaed. It has long been the dream of Democrats. Why do we need the opponents of the President of the United States – is clear: Bolton personally present at the conversation with Zelensky. Why Bolton can try to understand. Sounds like blackmail, because Bolton, which for some is an open embodiment of what in the USA call the deep state, he wants Iran to bomb. Perhaps trump he takes the hook. If the White house would agree to go to war, his former adviser may change his mind with evidence.

as well As Ukraine, the situation around Iran is also divided Congress in half. Democrats against the war, Republicans for trump.

Meanwhile, trump went on air conservative radio host rush Limbaugh.

– Can you explain to people why the actions of the US aimed at improving the level of our security, and not Vice versa?

– It should have been done 15 or 20 years ago. He was their military leader and a terrorist. This was supposed to attend to Obama, but he did nothing except gave them $ 150 billion.

Inherited predecessor and that led the negotiations on Tehran’s nuclear program. Now, apparently, no diplomacy. America has refused to issue a visa to the foreign Minister of Iran Zarif, who gathered on January 9 to be in the UN at the security Council meeting.