American BE-4 is not considered a disaster for the Russian economy

the Creation of a U.S. rocket engine similar to Russia’s RD-180, will not lead to special losses of the Russian budget, said a member of the Federation Council, first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov. He noted that Americans would have created such engines sooner or later.

“Catastrophic for our industry is not affected. For our budget it will not”, — quotes the Senator’s words “Interfax”.

Jabbarov also noted that with the development of new engines, the US will no longer need to buy Russian RD-180, but it’s unlikely to open the way for the introduction of new sanctions against Russia.

“Space — an area that is still alone there is nothing to do,” — said dzhabarov. In his opinion, it is in the space of the Russian Federation and the United States can look for ways of rapprochement.

Rocket engine BE-4, developed by the American aerospace company Blue Origin, is to replace the Russian analogue of the RD — 180. They used US to launch their satellites. The first test launch of the rocket of the next generation with new engines is scheduled for 2021. Launches in the interests of the Pentagon and the American intelligence community engaged in the company United Launch Alliance.