American destroyer showed up in the port of Odessa

US Destroyer USS Ross came into the port of Odessa. Visit American sailors takes place in the framework of expanding cooperation and strengthening of relations between Ukraine and NATO, reports the Ministry of defence of the Square.

This is not the first visit of the USS Ross in port. The ship participated in exercise Sea Breeze in 2016. Then he spent several days in Odessa, said the Ukrainian military.

Earlier it was reported that on 15 December, the American destroyer entered the Black sea. Small missile ship “Vishny Volochek” Russian Navy took him in support.

USS Ross is the class destroyer “Arleigh Burke”. It carries a universal launcher for 96 Mk41 cells, they can accommodate missiles SM-2, Tomahawk cruise missiles, ASROC anti-submarine missiles. The amount and type of ammunition depends on the mission.