American sailors decided to change the deck on a transport convertiplane

Boeing experienced transport modification of the tiltrotor CMV-22B. The first flight took place in the Assembly center, Bell, Texas located in Amarillo.

the New aircraft is created by order of the United States Navy, which plans to replace the carrier-based transport aircraft C-2A Greyhound. Therefore, the main objectives of the heliplane will be to transport supplies, emergency supplies, mail, and, of course, the people, the press service of the Boeing Corporation.

the Developers explain that the tiltrotor transport built on the basis of multi-purpose V-22 Osprey. The main difference – increased tanks, fuel which is enough for 2 thousand kilometers of flight.

the Tiltrotor is intermediate between a helicopter and an airplane. During takeoff it expands the rotors and rises vertically like a helicopter. After the climb, the aircraft puts the propellers in a horizontal position and moves on a real plane.