Americans can not divide the loot

How to harness and attacking America?

March of millions scheduled for June 6, of millions, of course, is not collected. But tens of thousands of participants walked an endless stream of American cities. Now is not enough to carry the poster to support the black man. Here a white American myself dyed and gone to hold a meeting.

“the Flag upside down because the country reeling. We need help! Need everything up and started to clean up this country,” — say the protesters.

12 days ago it all started with one of the requirements is to arrest cops who killed a detainee. But further — more, the White house is already talking about a revolution.

“We need a revolution! We need a change. We want to be equal citizens. Donald trump don’t care about black people. He doesn’t care about the poor. He thinks only of himself, white racist”, — outraged the people.

Protest — for the long haul. The White house has a field infirmary, if injured by the security forces. Good people support the protesters with food and water. Products are brought wholesale. They are ready to provide free legal aid, if suddenly arrested. Phone lawyers everyone write directly into the hands.

because of the coronavirus 17 thousand prisoners released from prison, fearing the epidemic behind bars. We notice in the crowd of protesters of a man with a bracelet on his leg — this the police got the criminals under observation.

From his backpack, sticking out of the Board. With her and go to the security forces. To destabilize the situation provocateurs do not give the protesters themselves, saying that this is a peaceful protest. But by nightfall, the peaceful protesters go home, the streets — in the power of the bullies.

Dozens of people actually zero out the jewelry in Los Angeles. In Chicago, the marauders carried off a Shoe. As in the best westerns, the train robbing on the go. From the composition of stolen televisions. In California in broad daylight, do not hesitate no bystanders or cameras, the crowd is robbing the store. The raider in one hand — stolen, another poster with mitInga “Black life is important”, and covers the face.

can’t divide the loot, the loot fight. Things from each other throw up on the go, and then score the trunk.

In Philadelphia, the cultured mob broke the Windows of a music store and live pounded on the keys. After the massacre at the cafe, appeared the inscription: “Business owned by a black man”. Such a talisman from white businessmen there. The couple defended their store. Beat them without any discounts for age and gender.

the Liberal American press about this is trying to tell. Relish with pleasure the statement of the former counselor of Obama. Susan rice went from channel to channel and accused Russia in the American massacres.
“Based on my experience, I can say that this is very similar to a scenario from the Russian manuals. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Russia incites both sides with the help of social networks. Do not be surprised if it turns out that they are in any way sponsored by them in one form or another,” said rice.

similar arguments at the same time, there was an article in The New York Times. The Russian foreign Ministry called the events a new round of anti-Russian campaign over the ocean.

“Now we are accused that we supposedly stand behind the stage, almost help the provocateurs who destabilisateur the situation. This is nonsense and nonsense. We are just on pragmatic cooperation with the United States,” — said Anatoly Antonov, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation in the United States.

We decided to ask the protesters, not the hand if Moscow keeps on Washington street?

“It’s our choice to be here. It is all propaganda! If America doesn’t cope, just say that Russian is to blame,” said the protesters.

To quell the unrest in the capital trump introduced the national guard, military police, border guards and even the DEA. 200 cities covered by the protests. Security forces and demonstrators do not stand on ceremony. No requests to disperse or beforepre-emptive shots – gas, rubber bullets flying into the crowd.

Tear the cloud covered the center of Portland. Gas — personally to everyone — protesters, a police officer explained that breaking the curfew. In Los Angeles rubber bullet hit him in the face of a homeless disabled man who was trapped between the rioters and the police.

280 journalists were injured during the riots in the United States. So the crew of German Deutsche Welle went from under fire. Even seeing the identity of the press, American police treat reporters very tough. In front of the White house beat Australian operator. There’s also fired the correspondent of the Agency “Sputnik”.

“I fell to the side, in the back. Then a large plastic shield they threw me to the ground. The US government loves to tell other countries that they apply against its own citizens gas or violate their rights. And the other day I got the tear gas from their government,” said the producer of the radio “Companion” Nicole Russell.

Since security forces cleared the road to Donald Trump. He walked to the Church at the White house and the Bible to pose for the cameras. To maintain order in the capital 500 national guardsmen from Utah. They defended a Republican President, and then another, and the town was cleaned after the vandals. But the capital’s mayor-a Democrat, dismissed the soldiers in the quartering. From the hotel they just kicked out into the street.

Gets and soldiers who served almost 200 years ago. In the United States has already been demolished over 60 monuments to confederates — those in the war between the North and the South advocated the preservation of slavery.

Some white Americans remorse on their knees. This is in Houston I apologize for the years of racism. In the capital, hastily renamed the stretch of street. Now the area in front of the White house called the “Black lives matter.” To rename the White house has not yet reached.

Text: “News of the week”