Figure skating Olympic champion Roman Kostomarow (46) is dying, according to Russian media reports. Accordingly, his body is too weak to keep him alive. Kostomarov is currently in an artificial coma. The doctors are doing everything they can to save the former top star of Russian figure skating. But the prospects are bad after the amputation of both hands and feet, cerebral hemorrhage and two strokes.

According to current knowledge, the beginning of his ordeal was a Covid infection. This resulted in severe pneumonia, with which he was admitted to a Moscow hospital. This resulted in massive circulatory disorders and gangrene. tissue died.

To save his life, doctors amputated his feet and part of his hands. But as a result, according to media reports, he suffered several cerebral hemorrhages, brain swelling, meningitis and two strokes. “The amputation was the beginning of the end,” the Russian portal “” quotes a treating doctor as saying. “He had a complete failure of all systems. Unfortunately, a natural process is now taking place. The body is slowly dying.”

However, the Kostomarow family has not yet given up hope of recovery. “Even in the scariest of dreams, we could never have imagined that such a turning point in our lives could happen. But now it is, and we will overcome everything,” wrote Oksana Domnina, herself a former figure skater and Kostomarov’s wife, on social media on February 8, her husband’s birthday. They both have a 12-year-old daughter together.

Kostomarov is still well known in his country long after he has retired. He won Olympic gold in 2006, World Championship gold in 2004 and 2005 and European Championship gold in 2004, 2005 and 2006. He won most of the titles in pairs with superstar Tatjana Nawka. The 47-year-old has been married to Russia’s government spokesman Dimitri Peskov since 2015.