Amur graduates wrote the exam on the Russian language

the Unified state examination on the Russian language today passed the Texas graduates. Because of the special sanitary requirements on checking the knowledge of schoolchildren took two days. In each audience — no more than nine people. By the way, in the village of Chigiri, in Blagoveshchensk, the teachers were allowed to write the exam the students without masks and gloves in order to remove unnecessary pressure.

this year is no line shoulder to shoulder. Lined up in a staggered manner before the porch of the home school, the seniors of the village Chigiri waiting for their turn in the roll call. The point of the exam is also allowed only in strict compliance with sanitary regulations.

the building — required thermal control. This is a new requirement to pass the unified state examination, introduced because of the pandemic. Gloves and masks are graduates not allowed to wear — so comfortable. After all, ahead of almost 4 hours of hard work, from which nothing should distract.

First exam for eleventh made by choice, but because this morning was those who aimed to enter higher education. Anastasia Kuknerik to the latest releases training manual from his hands. She is the 6th grade dreams of becoming a journalist, hopes to enroll in one of the capital’s universities. The girl studied Russian online and with a tutor.

“I repeated to the last, and I specially got up early to fix, redo, because I know how my memory was. If I don’t prepare the day before the exam, I will forget. I’m worried, but I understand that it was not senseless. Paid a very long time, and I will try to give our maximum,” worried Anastasia Kuknerik, graduate.

this year for passing the exam on the Russian language took two days — 6th and 7th July. Because of the special requirements of CPS in the classroom is almost two times less than the examinee, only 9 people. Class at a glance, the integrity and order here watch teachers on video – public. The pandemic has shifted the deadlines for United Statesennogo for a month, but at the same time gave the graduates more time to prepare. Some guys admit that they managed to relax.

“really relaxed, gave more freedom of course, but training has not improved. I used this time to prepare, some do not,” — says Artyom Asatrian, graduate.

the administration of the exam notes — this year the exam is conducted in full compliance with sanitary and epidemiological rules.

“All employees who take part in the exams, have a certificate that within 14 days they had no contact with people, which confirmed the diagnosis of СOVID-19, each employee has a help,” said Victoria Lisina, head of point of carrying out of unified state examination.

Of the 96-year graduates Chigirinsky school, only 12 decided not to write the exam on the Russian language. Tomorrow, the second day of the exam, on the basis of this institution, their knowledge will test graduates from other villages in Blagoveshchensk district. The results will be known July 20.