An accident and a 9-point tube: as the capital met the outbreak of the winter

In Moscow, a yellow level of risk. Expectations of snow turned to the citizens a strong snowstorm, gusty winds and ice. On the road lined up a 9-point tube. In addition, bad weather has led directly to dozens of accidents.

He waited and waited, but he went, as always, unexpectedly, quickly turning the roads into icy porridge. What is snow, drivers, judging by the number of accidents, forgotten.

earlier in the day, Moscow has risen in 9-point traffic jams — all you need to do everything. And Tverskaya street was blocked. When the evening spun a Blizzard, all the ring road of the capital was painted in Burgundy color automotive stop lamps. But, kidding drivers to buy snow abroad do not have winter came. For real, with real snow.

Shaking off the dust from cleaning equipment, took to the streets for the utility. Snow and freezing rain will come in Moscow all night. And this is a significant challenge for airports. The load — peak. Only one Domodedovo on vacation today, flying 50 million passengers.

Until the beginning of the snowfall on the work of the capital airports was not affected. In Domodedovo detained only a few flights — a typical situation. But problems have arisen with the taxi. Due to this weather and a nine tubes prices soared.

new year gift in the form of snow for a long time to admire have. 31 Dec promise to plus 3 degrees.

“new year’s eve will be really warm, it will begin from midnight with the temperature around zero degrees, at zero temperature and gradually lowered the temperature background in the morning — up to three degrees,” — said Roman Vilfand, the acting Director of the hydrometeorological center of the Russian Federation.

January 1, a little freeze. But then until Christmas the temperature will be above zero. As they say forecasters, we are waiting for the abnormally warm January.