An accident on the highway: while driving noticed a former employee Timothy

June 10 at the overpass Zvenigorodskoe highway to the center of Moscow, the accident occurred. From hitting the black “Mercedes” has turned over on a taxi.

the Accident occurred before in the capital there was a heavy downpour. A fragment of a collision caught in the lens of a surveillance camera. It is visible as at full speed, a black car rams a few cars, a taxi and a white BMW gets the most. According to eyewitnesses, the driver Vnedrenie at some point decided to change and lost control.

While some inspectors were sure not going tube, the other made out the necessary documents. They will need to find out, on whose fault in the end, there is a serious accident.

“there was a collision of five vehicles. As a result of collision two cars turned over. Circumstances of incident are investigated. Work patrols and directing traffic,” — said the duty officer of the press service GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Michael Misko.

According to media reports, driving a white BMW car, which was deployed against the current, was Tamara Bigaeva. The lady called a former PR Manager of the famous music label Black Star. On published frames girl, very like her, apply to head an ice pack and someone talking on the phone. It is known that under the wing of the singer Timati Bigaeva worked for five years. That rap artists are required quality promotion in social networks. In addition to Bagaevoy the crash injured two other people is the driver of the black Mercedes and a taxi. According to preliminary information, they are now in intensive care.