An explosion at a fireworks factory in Turkey: four people were killed, about 100 injured

In Turkey, at least four people were killed and about 100 injured in explosion at factory of fireworks. It happened in the province of Sakarya in the North-West of the country. Investigation of the causes took control of the government.

the Explosion occurred around 11 p.m. local time. He was heard for tens of kilometers from the city Hendek, where is the factory on manufacture of fireworks.

Over the factory rose a frightening cloud of smoke in the shape of a mushroom. The footage of witnesses — the endless firing of the charges, a flicker of sparks. According to authorities, was blown up 110 tons of fireworks.

At the time of the explosion at the factory was about 200 employees. Some managed to escape on their own. But many, according to the Governor of Sakarya province, were trapped after the explosion. Rescuers long could not get to them.

After the explosion the building was on fire. For suppression of profit two helicopters and a plane. The fire quickly enough to take control. But the explosions continued.

Wounded dozens. To the place of profit 85 ambulances, fire brigade and rescuers. As well as three representatives of the Turkish government: the Ministers of interior, health, labor and social protection.

“We sent one of the patients injured in the explosion at the fireworks factory by helicopter ambulance to research hospital in Istanbul for treatment of burns. We will closely monitor his treatment,” — said the representative of the Ministry of health of Turkish Republic.

All roads leading to the plant is blocked to traffic. Just a couple of kilometres from the plant are residential homes. President Erdogan expressed his condolences to the bereaved families and assured that the situation is under control, the danger to the residents there.

the causes of the explosion are being investigated. Turkish Red Crescent recommended that residents stay home, close Windows and doors in case of contaminatedyasneniya air with poisonous chemicals.